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Celebrating Sexuality Festival

If A "Good Enough" Relationship Is Not Enough For You...

From The Desk Of 

Jo Balmforth

Melbourne, Australia.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by :-) 


Have you ever wanted to feel more playful with you partner?


To feel more present and connected?


And, to experience all of this, even when times are tough or super busy?


Well, this letter is just what you are looking for :-) 


I will share with you why. 

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I LOVE my partner, but we are more like roommates than lovers. Our relationship feels like Groundhog Day.

  • I am tired of dating the ‘wrong type’. I need to find a new way of relating but have no idea where to start. 

  • I would love to explore more with my partner but how do I bring this up? What if they think it is because I am unhappy with them?

  • We need some time for just us. Away from work/kids/daily-grind. We need more than a dirty-weekend...we need time away to connect. 

  • When we first got together we could not keep our hands off each other. OMG I would love to feel that again. Is that even possible?

  • We care deeply for each other and have a great sex life, but I have also seen other great relationships hit the rocks. I hate to think of ours going the same way.

  • I have come out of a difficult relationship. I want to meet someone new and I want something different, but I don’t know where to start. The whole dating scene feels unnatural and confusing.

  • Our kids don’t need us so much anymore, we have more time for us. What can we do together that is more than the tired old date night?

  • Everyone’s sex life takes a dive when you’ve been together as long as us.... Doesn’t it?

  • How do I meet someone who sees me and accepts me for who I am? Can that happen even when I have been with my partner for years and years?

I Promise You Are Not Alone

A lot of people struggle with the same problem.


It is not really surprising..


When it comes to sex and relationships most of us only learned about all the biological stuff, not getting pregnant and so on. 


Nothing about how to meet people, how to be in a relationship. 


How to develop and maintain supportive, loving, fun, and exciting relationships...


How to develop strong connections, and to get through the difficult times and come out stronger. 


As adults, this left us with a trial and error approach. 


Until now

If you are reading this far, I bet you have wondered…

Is there a way to communicate and find resolution without arguing and being left with feelings of resentment?


We have lost the fire in our relationship, how can we get that back? omg we want it back! 


What is the best way to ask for what I want from my relationships without making my partner feel inadequate or not enough?

Well, I Have Good News For You​

There is a way to stay present and feel connected with your partner, even when times are difficult.


And, even when you have been together a long time.


There is a way to communicate your desires when it comes to sex and relationships.


In fact, there are ways to get through the tough times with a relationship that feels stronger, more loving, interesting, and exciting.


There are ways to rekindle lost relationship fire, and keep that going. 


When you have the tried and tested way that just works.

But First, I Want to Share Something With You…​

“I am not in love with you”


I lost my breath, my stomach knotted. My 13-year marriage broken beyond repair.


I knew there were problems, but rather than communicate, my partner and I would ‘wait it out’ – and eventually it would pass.


Or so we thought.


Intimacy became less frequent. I felt more and more distance.  


But I put it down to working hard and having a mortgage and kids.


That seemed like a good enough reason. It was like that for everyone, right?


So, we continued to work hard on everything but us; sex and intimacy last on the list.


Because, if you must work on yourself or your relationship it means it’s failing..


Or, that I was a failure.


Thousands on divorce lawyers, selling our family home, therapy for me and my kids; a failure is how I felt.


I was forced to decide. Replay the broken relationship record or, write my own newer, fresher music.

So I Dived In

I read all I could get my hands on and attended multiple workshops about relating, sex, relationships and being single.


I seriously had NEVER done anything like this before. 


That was 9 years ago.


My life changed dramatically, taking me on the path to more connection, more intimacy, and better relationships than ever before..


Is that what you want?


You know, there is a well-known saying that if you keep doing the same thing, expect the same result.

What can you do today to get a different result to what you already have?

Are you willing to try something different?


Are you willing to try something that is proven and effective – before you too are forced to make a decision that costs more than just money. 

2019 is Your Time

To Do Something Differently.

Something That Is Proven to Work

2019 Is

Your Time To Explore

In 2012 I began organising and hosting the Celebrating Sexuality Festival (CSF). CSF is a unique, annual, weekend retreat with a festival atmosphere for the exploration of sex and relationships.


There are 200 people on site and the weekend provides over 25 workshops to choose from.


Multiple bonuses with your entry ticket, including nightly entertainment and all your food; the festival atmosphere allows for a friendly, relaxed and engaging community with plenty of time to get to know people who feel just like you.


Since 2012, well over a thousand people have attended and, over thirteen-thousand have joined us online and on our mailing list – forming a community locally, nationally, and globally.  


Every year I have been asked to provide an experience in the city, especially by new people.


You asked, I listened (yeah I know, finally ;-) 

New people, like you, are curious...

...curious to have an experience and find out what actually happens on the weekend.


On Saturday the 4th of May 9 am to 1 pm – for the FIRST TIME – I will be hosting a Live 4-hour workshop for people in Melbourne: Time to Explore 


AND (OMG) I am so excited to say…


I will be presenting this with one of our festivals highly respected and experienced sex and relationship experts, and published author, Myola Woods.


From this 4-hour workshop you will take-away practical advice and techniques that will impact positively on your relationships today. 


During the morning I will share with you the annual Celebrating Sexuality Festival experience that has transformed the lives of well over a thousand people and be available to answer your questions in person.


As well that you will enjoy a lovely morning tea and meet like-minded people :-)

Exactly What You Are Getting​

First, I am excited to let you know that Time to Explore isn’t like any other workshop you have attended.


You will gather a range of knowledge and practical techniques that will improve the quality of your relationships. 


Importantly, you will learn things that you can apply at once in your own life from people who are qualified to teach you

  • Learn communication skills that help you stay present and feel more connected – even when times are tough, or you have been together a long time.

  • Discover how to bring more playfulness into your relationships

  • Have some time out of the everyday same-old routine, focus on your relationship; rediscover why you fell in love...or lust ;-)

  • Build on what is already there and take the way you relate to the next level!

  • Let go of old, unhelpful patterns of communication and embrace those that are healthy and supportive to your relationship

  • Feel good about letting your partner know what you want and what you don’t want and them doing the same

  • Take-away practical tips and techniques that will make a positive difference to your relationship today and into the future

  • Find out about the globally recognised Celebrating Sexuality Festival that has helped over a thousand people - and why they keep coming back! 

Your Investment

The 4-hour Time To Explore workshop is valued at $297 but…

You will pay just $49. 

Now wait...

I haven't mentioned the best part!

You don't pay until AFTER the event!
That's right...

You simply put in $1 to reserve your seat, then you only pay after the event IF you feel like it's worth AT LEAST 10x more than what the investment is.

I'm doing this because I want to have this opportunity and experience affordable and available to everyone who needs it...

That way, there’s truly nothing holding you back from creating the relationship and life you want! 😊


How does that sound? Fair?



But you know what you'll really appreciate?


You Don’t Have To Worry If You Haven’t Been To A Sex Or Relationships Workshop Before

Or any workshop for that matter! You are not alone!


This was me 9 years ago, and definitely some of the other people you will meet on the day. 


Personally, after never having done anything like this before, I tried multiple workshops and clubs focused on dating and sex.


But...these were either really just social events or provided very little information.


At most I felt great at the time, but nothing to help me make lasting changes.


I also felt intimidated as people dressed in particular way, had language and rules or ways of interacting – everyone seemed to know but me!


This made it hard to want to keep going.


I wasn’t after a quick fix; but it felt like it could take forever to learn what I wanted and needed to.    


This is why I began running Celebrating Sexuality Festival




Why I am running the Time to Explore workshop to which you are invited!


There are no expectations to dress or look a certain way to fit in. There will not be any sexual contact nor nudity.


You will learn from respected and credentialled sex and relationship experts - and receive practical information and experiences that will make a difference to your relationships today. 


Whatever your age (although you must be 18+ years), gender or sexual orientation...


Whether you are in a relationship or single..


Time to Explore is is for you. 


You get to choose how much or how little you want to participate.




You will experience all this with people who are like-minded, inclusive and respectful.

Why should you register today? 

  • You want more than just sex (although you want that too!) - you also want to connect more deeply with your partner or future partners

  • You want to explore the way you relate - clarify and shift unhelpful patterns - open to more intimacy, connection, fun and pleasure

  • There are a strictly limited number of tickets for sale - this will sell out 

I have a good reason for limiting the number of tickets for sale. 


I am not interested in overcrowding the room, I want you to have the best possible experience. 


Based on the number of enquiries I have had for this event… 

These Tickets Will Sell Fast

This event will only be open for a short time, and I have not decided at this stage if I’m running it again in the future.


There is a high demand for offline, human-to-human experiences. This event WILL sell out fast!

Here's What To Do Next

Simply click on the button below and complete the booking and payment details.

Once you have ordered your ticket, I’ll send you an email with confirmation and all the information you will need to be ready for the weekend.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind

Time Is Of The Essence

Time to Explore is in central Melbourne on Saturday 4th May 9.00 am to 1.00 pm we will have a strictly limited number in the room. 


The venue is in a central Melbourne location and details will be emailed to you.


I am committed to providing you with the best possible experience and limiting numbers ensures that.


Remember, Time to Explore is valued at $297 – your ticket will cost just $49 – BUT you can secure your seat for just $1!

This Is Truly A Limited Offer 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing you very soon!


Jo x

Celebrating Sexuality Festival Director


P.S. Chances are you are probably one of those people (like me) who skip straight down to the end of the letter. If that is you, here is the deal.

I’m offering you the opportunity to secure your seat for just $1



I am going to ask you to pay just $1, just to help you show up, and to secure your seat.


I will only charge you $49 after the workshop has ended and if you have loved the workshop we will charge your card the following day.

The demand for this kind of event is high and I am so excited that I will get to share the morning with so many amazing people!




Because those people who are coming want more than "good enough" relationships...


They do not want their current and future relationships to fall into that "good enough" category that so many seem satisfied with!


And some are coming because it is the "good enough" relationship they want to shake themselves out of.


People coming to the Time to Explore workshop want  


More than just sex (although they want that too!) - they want to connect more deeply in their relationships


You want to explore the way you relate - clarify and shift unhelpful patterns - open to more intimacy, connection, fun and pleasure


"Good enough", is not good enough for you. 

This is a very limited offer.  


I have a good reason for limiting the number of tickets for sale. 


I am not interested in overcrowding the room, I want you to have the best possible experience. 


Based on the number of enquiries I have had for this event…this will sell out. 

Hit the button below to claim your special offer now. I cannot wait to share this amazing workshop with you :-)


P.P.S If you have any questions please email me info@celebratingsexuality.com

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